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Nashville - Ministry of Sound Reboot

Submitted by apshireAdmin on Fri, 05/11/2018 - 04:54

Our event manager, Jason “Nashville” Nash, is a man of many talents. Our clients know him as a party-planner par excellence, his mates from London remember him as a professional footballer (Peterborough FC) but he has another side to him. When he was younger, Jason was a famous DJ in the burgeoning club scene in Ibiza, headlining at venues such as Sankey’s, Amnesia, Bora Bora and Pacha, and the UK where he appeared at Ministry of Sound, Egg and Pacha (London).

Here at APS/DarkSstar, we thought he had settled down, but, once a clubber, always a clubber and Jason has told us that “Nashville” will be making a comeback with nine of his old DJ mates - The Dolly Rockers, Beckett and Casey, Jay P, Lawrence Daniels, Mikey and Simon and Bill Miller – to celebrate their 5 year reunion at an event called “Deliverance” in the Baby Box at the Ministry of Sound (Friday, June 29th).

Jason Nashville Nash

We are sure it will be a huge success and, more importantly, a chance for “Our Jase” and his “posse” to relive their youth! Good luck guys!